Thursday, January 26, 2012

Gettin Crafty Post #12: Sticker Scenes

For an introduction to this series of Gettin' Crafty posts, visit Post #1.

I. Supplies
  • Sticker sets from Oriental Trading
II. Prep
The sticker scenes come in plastic, so they need to be unwrapped, and I usually separate the stickers from the paper scenes to make two piles. There are more stickers on each sheet than can fit on one firehouse or bake shop, so sometimes the leftovers can be used for a second craft on another day where  the kids draw their own background.

III. Instructions
The stickers can be a bit tedious to peel from their backings, but aside from that, kids of all ages are able to do this craft with very little help or direction. It's a nice one for a rainy day when lots of kids of varying ages are crammed together in one place! I used the firehouse scene for a community helpers story time, and the bake shop when I read about cookies.

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