Monday, June 17, 2013

Outreach Round-Up, 5/22/13 - 6/13/13

As school ends this week, my outreach duties will diminish considerably, so the round-ups will be quite small. Here, though, are my final school-year visits.

Wednesday, 5/22/13: Public School Pre-K (Two Separate Classes)
Books: Giant Dance Party, Lawn to Lawn, Prudence Wants a Pet
Songs: Visor, Tee-shirt, Shorts and Shoes, These Are My Glasses 
Notes: There was no real hit of either session. The kids seemed to enjoy all three books, but none of them left them begging for more. It's also a lot harder than I thought it would be to explain why some people put gnomes and flamingos on their front lawns.

Monday, 6/3/13: Psychiatric Institute  
Books: The Mysterious Tadpole, The Little House, Here Comes the Garbage Barge
Notes: This was smallest group ever at the psychiatric institute - just two kids! Both were very quiet, but attentive, and they applauded at the end.

Wednesday, 6/12/13: Public School Pre-K (One Class) 
Notes: All three books were successes, though the Elephant & Piggie book was the biggest hit of all. The class also really related to the conflict between Rosie and Violet in the Rosie Sprout book - and they had also planted their own seeds earlier in the year, so they knew all about what plants need.

Thursday, 6/13/13: Catholic School Pre-K
Books: Whose Garden Is It?, Rosie Sprout’s Time to Shine, Phoebe and Digger
Rhyme: African Planting Chant 
Song: These Are My Glasses 
Notes: They loved the planting chant, but it is quite a workout!  Whose Garden Is It? went over their heads, but they liked Phoebe and Digger. I will miss their monthly visits this summer!
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