Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Picture Book Review: Good Night, Good Night by Sandra Boynton (2021)

Quick Booktalk 

This longer version of the popular The Going to Bed Book is the original 1985 hardcover version with new drawings by the author. As in The Going to Bed Book, several animals are on a boat and they go through their bedtime routine which is described in rhyme. 

About the Illustrations 

The pictures have been changed from the original board book, in that colors of certain things have been altered, certain figures have been placed differently on the page, and there are several additional spreads that are found only in this longer version. There is noting substantively different about the pictures that have simply been altered; the additional illustrations add in a scene showing the characters' sleeping arrangements and the music to sing along with two bunnies who perform a lullaby.

Story Time Possibilities

This is a great read-aloud, but it's important to figure out how to sing the lullaby before sharing it with an audience. The notes are easily picked out on a piano and the tune is not hard to learn, but it would not be ideal to go into a story time without having worked out the tune ahead of time. Otherwise, this is pretty much a guaranteed story time hit. Boynton is beloved for books of this type, and having this nice full-size version to add into a story time repertoire will be a boon for most libraries and classrooms. I will most likely use it in a night-time themed story time at my house this fall. 

Readers Advisory

This book makes the mundane bedtime routine look like fun. The images of the characters rushing around to prepare for sleep are filled with fun energy, but when the characters begin to yawn and get into bed, the mood shifts in a way that can really help little ones make the transition to bedtime. It's an excellent bedtime story and an all-around excellent picture book for Boynton fans to appreciate anew.


I received a finished review copy of Good Night, Good Night from Little Simon in exchange for an honest review.

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