Wednesday, March 16, 2016

On Your Mark, Get Set, Read! Chapter Book List for Summer Reading 2016

These sports-themed titles from chapter book series are perfect summer reading choices for kids transitioning from easy readers to longer works.

Individual Titles

Ivy and Bean: Doomed to Dance by Annie Barrows
Ivy and Bean think they want to learn ballet, but their ballet class turns out to be a lot less exciting than they expected.

Casketball Capers by Peter Bently
At St. Orlok's Elementary School for vampires, Lee and his friends prepare to play casketball against a team of cheating werewolves.

Game Time, Mallory by Laurie Friedman
Mallory is excited to join the basketball team but also nervous about trying something new without her friends by her side.

Coach Hyatt is a Riot by Dan Gutman
When A.J. joins the Peewee football team, he is surprised to discover his coach is a woman.

Yikes Bikes! by Abby Klein
Freddy learns to ride a bicycle in order to participate in a fundraiser and beat the class bully.

Horrible Harry and the Kickball Wedding by Suzy Kline
For Valentine's Day, Harry stages a wedding in which he marries classmate Song Lee. 

Izzy Barr, Running Star by Claudia Mills
Izzy wants her father to come to her track meets, but because she thinks he would prefer to attend her stepbrother's games, she holds back from sharing her true feelings.

Louise Trapeze is Totally 100% Fearless by Micol Ostow
Louise, whose family is part of the circus is excited to have her first performance on the trapeze until she realizes she is afraid of heights.

Amelia Bedelia Shapes Up by Herman Parish
Amelia Bedelia has many misadventures as she tries to find the sport that is best for her. 

Full Series

Race the Wild series by Kristin Earhart
Book 1: Rainforest Relay
In this series, four kids from different backgrounds team up for a reality TV show where they have to follow clues on a scavenger hunt through different ecosystems.

Little Rhino series by Ryan Howard
Book 1: My New Team
Former Major League baseball player Ryan Howard writes this series which combines baseball with positive life lessons.

Frankie's Magic Soccer Ball series by Frank Lampard
Book 1: Frankie vs. the Pirate Pillagers
Frankie's soccer ball has the power to transport him to different times and places, where he and his friends play soccer against various opponents.

Little Shaq by Shaquille O'Neal
Book 1: Little Shaq
Basketball player Shaquille O'Neal writes this series about his fictionalized younger self, who learns important lessons on and off the court.

Ballpark Mysteries series by David A. Kelley
Book 1: The Fenway Foul-Up
Each entry in this series is set in a different team's ballpark.

Topps League Stories by Kurtis Scaletta
Book 1: Jinxed!
Bat boy Chad uses his baseball card collection to help his team, the Pine City Porcupines, solve problems.
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