Friday, March 16, 2012

Flannel Friday: This Little Baby

This week's Flannel Friday is another set taken from Stories and Fun for the Very Young. This time, I borrowed five images from "I can" by Helen Oxenbury (pages 50-51) and then wrote my own rhyme to go with them. Here is the end result. (My new phone takes terrible pictures without the flash, and with the flash, there was a glare, so I apologize for the poor quality!)

The first little baby said, “I’m so big!”

The second little baby danced a jig.
(He's actually kicking, but without anything to kick, it looks like a jig!)

The third little baby sat down on the floor.

The fourth little baby crawled to the door.

The fifth little baby learned to run.
All the little babies had so much fun! 

I have been dying for a decent set of flannel board babies for a long time - and these are so perfect! I'm sure I will find more uses for them as time goes on. 

Today's Flannel Friday host is Angela. Have a great weekend!
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