Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Bout of Books Progress Day 2

Bout of Books

On the second day of the Bout of Books read-a-thon, I finished five books. Three were middle grade novels:

And two were easy readers: 

(These almost don't count, they're so short, but I needed to get them read, so this seemed like as good a time as any.) 

I didn't do the challenge.

Hoping to do much more reading today! Still hoping to clear out Adobe Digital Editions by the end of the week. 

Read Around Town: The Doctor's Office

In my latest blog series, Read Around Town, I'm highlighting picture books that celebrate the people and places in a young child's immediate community. These would work well for preschool classes or homeschool groups taking tours of local businesses, or for any child interested in learning about his or her neighborhood. Today's post kicks off the series with ten picture books about doctors and doctors' offices.

How Do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon? by Jane Yolen, illustrated by Mark Teague
This book teaches young kids how to be on their best behavior at the doctor's office by questioning what a sick dinosaur would do. 

Froggy Goes to the Doctor by Jonathan London & Frank Remkiewicz
Froggy is nervous about possibly being given a shot at his doctor's appointment, but he's not prepared for the fact that he might have forgotten his underwear! 

Bark, George by Jules Feiffer
When George the dog moos and quacks instead of saying "Arf!" his mother brings him to the vet, who makes a surprising - and hilarious - discovery. 

Doctor Dan, The Bandage Man by Helen Gaspard & Corinne Malvern
This classic Golden Book shows how one boy reacts to being given a bandage by becoming a doctor to all the stuffed animals and dolls in his house. 

A Bad Case of Stripes by David Shannon
Camilla Cream, who worries about how others see her, develops an unusual condition where her skin takes on the appearance of whatever the people around her suggest. 

Imogene’s Antlers by David Small
Imogene is surprised when she wakes up one morning to discover that she has grown antlers on the top of her head, a condition for which the doctor can find no cause.

Nurse Clementine by Simon James
When Clementine receives a nursing kit for her birthday, she enthusiastically cures everyone in her family, except her brother, who doesn't appreciate his sister's medical skills despite his tendency to crash into things. 

Madeline by Ludwig Bemelmans
Madeline, a student at a French girls' boarding school is taken ill with appendicitis, which impresses her classmates so much they also wish to become sick.

Doctor Ted by Andrea Beaty, illustrated by Pascal Lemaitre
When Ted, a young bear, decides he needs a doctor for the bump on his knee, he uses his imagination to become one himself.

A Day in the Office of Doctor Bugspit by Elise Gravel
This Balloon Toons book is a child's first introduction to the graphic novel format. A silly alien doctor named Doctor Bugspit is perfectly happy to prescribe disgusting remedies to his patients until he himself comes down with a cold.
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