Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Preschool Story Time, 2/22/17 (Birds Theme)

Opening Song: Story Time is Starting 

Book: Birds by Kevin Henkes
I was a little unsure about this book because it doesn't have a straight narrative, but this group really enjoyed it.

Song: Way Up in the Sky

Book: No Two Alike by Keith Baker
I really enjoying reading this aloud. It's really just about the concepts of same and different, but birds are the characters, so it was a good fit.

Rhyme: Two Little Red Birds

Book: North, South, East, West by Margaret Wise Brown, illustrated by Greg Pizzoli
I borrowed this from the library for my three-year-old who has been learning about direction. When I first read it to her, I wasn't sure kids at story time would get it, but I decided to take the chance and I was pleasantly surprised. It did go over quite well.

Song: The Little Bird

Songs with Shaker Eggs: 

Song: Mr. Sun

Book: Hooray for Today by Brian Won
This is a good story time book because of its bold illustrations and repetitive structure. It's kind of predictable, but no one seemed to mind.

Rhyme: See See See

Book: Mockingbird by Allan Ahlberg, illustrated by Paul Howard
I have noticed that singable books do well with this audience, so I decided to end with this one. It worked very well, even though I think some people were puzzled by the changed lyrics to Hush Little Baby.

Song: Chickadee

Preschool Story Time, 2/15/17 (Hugs & Kisses Theme)

This story time was originally planned for the 8th, before Valentine's Day, but then that session had to be canceled because my kids were sick, so I saved it and presented it on the 15th instead.

Opening Song: Story Time is Starting

Book: All Kinds of Kisses by Nancy Tafuri
This went over best with my own kids, but everyone enjoyed making the animal sounds.

Rhyme: I Can Hug
I realized halfway through this that I was already sitting, so I wouldn't be able to sit down very slow like it says in the last line. I ended up changing the line to "reach down very slow."

Book: My Heart is Like a Zoo by Michael Hall
My daughter and another little girl near her age both loved this book. The younger kids (under 2) were a bit restless.

Song: There’s a Little Wheel a Turning in My Heart

Book: Little Gorilla by Ruth Bornstein
I was correct in my assumption that this would be a good story time book. It has just the right amount of plot for my audience.

Rhyme: This is Big, Big, Big 

Songs with Shaker Eggs: 

Song: Mr. Sun

Book: Can You Cuddle Like a Koala? by John Butler
There weren't really enough kids old enough to act out the motions, but everyone did seem to enjoy looking at the animals.

Song; Cuddly Koalas 

Book: I Love You: A Rebus Poem by Jean Marzollo and Suse MacDonald
I had originally planned for the audience to do motions with me for each "I love you" in the text, but the group was pretty much done, so I zipped through it and called it a day.

Song: Chickadee
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