Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Review Round-Up: Books for Beginning Readers, August 2016

Easy Readers

A small,  but varied, selection of easy readers this month:

Guessing Geisel's guest contributors posted about Pug and Not Me.

Jean Little Library had three "Small Readers" reviews. Two were of nonfiction titles from Penguin Young Readers: Giraffes and Slow, Slow, Sloths, and the third was Duck, Duck, Porcupine.

Kids Book a Day reviewed Living In... Brazil.

Becky's Book Reviews reviewed The Thank You Book.

Mom Read It reviewed Benny and Penny Say Goodbye to a Friend.

Chapter Books

There were definitely some popular chapter books making the rounds this month!

The most popular was The Infamous Ratsos, which was reviewed by Books 4 Your Kids, Kids Book a Day, Librarian's Quest, Jean Little Library, and Charlotte's Library.

A close second was Piper Green and the Fairy Tree: The Sea Pony, with reviews from Jen Robinson's Book Page, Books 4 Your Kids, Ms. Yingling Reads, and Waking Brain Cells.

There were also two reviews each of Inspector Flytrap (Books 4 Your Kids and Kids Book a Day) and Mango & Bambang: The Not-a-Pig (Orange Marmalade and Becky's Book Reviews.)

Other chapter book reviews included:

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