Thursday, May 18, 2017

Preschool Story Time, 5/3/17 (Bunnies Theme)

Due to a family emergency, I ended up cancelling story time for the entire month of April, including the Wednesdays before and after Easter. I had planned to do a bunny theme then, but decided that since none of these books explicitly referenced Easter, I'd read them in May instead.  I didn't have the chance to write up this session until 2 weeks later, so I don't have a lot of commentary. I noted what I could remember.

Opening Song: Story Time is Starting

Book: Home for a Bunny by Margaret Wise Brown, illustrated by Garth Williams

Rhyme: Homes
I changed this rhyme so that the line about the bunny came first.

Rhyme: Here is a Bunny

Book: Rabbits and Raindrops by Jim Arnosky

Song: Mr. Sun

Book: Moonlight by Helen V. Griffith, illustrated by Laura Dronzek
My three-year-old named this as her favorite of the session. But I got the impression she was the only one who liked it!

Song: Moon Moon Moon

Book: The Bunnies are Not in Their Beds by Marisabina Russo
This was probably too long to read at the end, but there was one child slightly older than all the others (a sibling of a toddler) who came in late, and I think this was the only book grabbed his attention so I was glad he was there to hear it. My own daughter also retold the book to me later at home.

Song: Little Bunny

Song: Chickadee

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