Saturday, December 31, 2011

Year in Review Post #6: 2011 Reading Statistics

To my utter shock and amazement, I have managed to read over 1000 books - 1014, to be exact - in 2011. Of these, only 13  were books written for adults. All the others were books for kids, broken down as follows:
Here are some interesting statistics I uncovered as I gathered these numbers:
  • I read 46 books electronically, using my Nook. Most of these came from NetGalley, and two came from Simon & Schuster's Galley Grab.
  • I posted reviews for 402 different titles. (This number doesn't include reviews for books read in 2011 that will post in 2012.)
  • I read one less young adult novel this year than last, but 23 more middle grade books, and 35 more chapter books. (I didn't keep track of picture books, board books, or easy readers for all of 2010, so there is no fair way to make a comparison for those.)
  • I read over 100 books in the months of December (149), October (106), March (102), and May (102), and less than 50 in only one month, January (49)
  • Overwhelmingly, with 576 books, the genre I read most was realistic fiction.
I hope you have enjoyed following my blog for the past year as I figured out my way around the kidlit world and settled into the blogging habit. Follow this blog in 2012 for reviews of contemporary middle grade and young adult realistic fiction, as well as weekly Themed Thursday and Old School Sunday posts. Follow my story time and early literacy blog, Story Time Secrets, for reviews of picture books and easy readers, as well as outlines of my library programs, including flannel boards, rhymes, and songs.

Tomorrow, the count goes back to zero, reviews start up again, and I dig in to some more good books. Happy New Year, everyone!
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