Thursday, March 31, 2011

6 Baseball Books for Kids

  • About the B'nai Bagels
    (Middle Grade)
    by E.L. Konigsburg
    Thirteen-year-old Mark Setzer is torn between family loyalty and team friendship when his mother and older brother team up to coach his little league team.
  • The Batboy
    (Young Adult) 
    by Mike Lupica
    Brian faces disappointment when his job as batboy for the Detroit Tigers fails to endear him to his estranged father or his favorite player, who returns to the team after being suspended for steroid use with a major chip on his shoulder. 
  • Play Ball, Amelia Bedelia
    (Easy Reader)
    by Peggy Parish
    Decked in a soldier's uniform, Amelia Bedelia reports to the baseball field, ready to play. Unfortunately, tagging, stealing bases, taking players out, and even catching the ball from behind the plate prove confusing for the muddled maid. A classic Amelia Bedelia story.
  • The Littlest Leaguer
    (Easy Reader)
    by Syd Hoff
    Harold is very small, and fears he will spend the entire baseball season on the bench. But when the star player twists his ankle, the coach brings him in and he proves to himself - and to everyone else - that even the littlest leaguer can become a big star. 
  • The Girl Who Threw Butterflies
    (Middle Grade)
    by Mick Cochrane
    Molly, whose father died six months ago in a car accident, has a great knuckleball. She joins the boys' baseball team in an effort to feel close to her father, and to make sense of his death. 
  • The Toilet Paper Tigers (Middle Grade)
    by Gordon Korman
    A funny story about an unlikely baseball team with a clueless coach, whose 12-year-old granddaughter ends up taking over.
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