Friday, January 22, 2016

Milestones Board Books

Babies reach many milestones during the first two years of life. The board books on this list are great for supporting and celebrating these important achievements.

Baby Pig Pig Walks by David McPhail (ISBN: 9781580895965) 
Baby Pig Pig Talks by David McPhail (ISBN: 9781580895972)
David McPhail's character from picture books such as Pig Pig Grows Up and Pig Pig Gets a Job is just a toddler in these board books. Baby Pig Pig takes a while to get the hang of walking, but when he finally figures it out, he runs right to the kitchen to hug his mama. When he's learning to talk, his mother teaches him many words, which he slowly begins to repeat until finally he says her name loud and clear. 

Little Movers series by Carol Thompson 
These four books feature a diverse cast of babies - some with disabilities - showing off their gross motor skills. There are four titles in this series: One, Two, Three...Jump!, One, Two, Three... Run!, One, Two, Three... Climb! , and One, Two, Three...Crawl! (which I reviewed here.)

Happy, Healthy Baby series by  Elizabeth Verdick and Marjorie Lisovskis
The six books in this series highlight all of the things baby do, using photographs of real infants to illustrate each skill. The titles are: Play, Rest, Cuddle, Eat, Move, and Reach

Spoonful by Benoit Marchon (ISBN: 9780547893136)
Whether your little one is just starting solid foods or learning to use a spoon independently, he or she will be delighted by  this book, in which a baby gives a spoonful of food to everyone from the fish to the picture on the wall. 
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