Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Board Book Review: Nom Nom Nom by Jeffrey Burton, illustrated by Sarah Hwang (2021)

Quick Booktalk

On each spread of this lift-the-flap board book, an animal is presented with three food options (including one that is notably gross by human standards) and the reader is invited to choose one before the flap reveals the inside of the animal's mouth displaying the words, "Nom nom nom." 

About the Illustrations 

The animals in this book are comprised of simple lines, shapes, and dots that suggest their features. Each one has a set of teeth appropriate to its species that appears beneath the flap. The food options are similarly simplified, but they have slightly more detail to differentiate one meal from the next. 

Story Time Possibilities

Because the text addresses the reader with open-ended questions, this could work for a story time, but with preschoolers, not toddlers. The meals are drawn pretty small, so they would be difficult to see in a larger room, but because the text describes them, and because the animal and its mouth are larger and easier to see, it is still probably possible for a larger audience to enjoy the book. It's a little unclear whether the child reader is meant to choose a meal for the animal in question or for himself or herself - I would plan to decide that up front and let the listeners know how we are approaching the book. 

Readers Advisory

This book plays on kids' fascination with gross humor, but only as it pertains to food. (There is no bathroom humor in this book, thankfully.) The format of the book makes it look like it's for babies or toddlers, but the spine is extremely weak, and I know that my 19-month-old twins would destroy it in about 15 seconds flat. Gentler toddlers or those with heavy adult supervision might be okay with it, but personally I think the concept and the lack of durability make this a book that is best shared with preschoolers. 


I received a finished review copy of Nom Nom Nom from Simon & Schuster in exchange for an honest review.

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