Friday, September 9, 2011

Flannel Friday: Grandma's Scarves and Grandpa's Ties

I'm taking a break from Fall flannel boards this week because I'm doing a Grandparents' Day story time tomorrow. For the occasion, I have revamped Daddy's Ties to include Grandma and Grandpa.


Grandma wore her blue scarf,
blue scarf, blue scarf
Grandma wore her blue scarf
all day long

Grandma wore her green scarf,
green scarf, green scarf
Grandma wore her green scarf
all day long

Grandma wore her red scarf,
red scarf, red scarf
Grandma wore her red scarf
all day long

Grandma wore her rainbow scarf,
rainbow scarf, rainbow scarf
Grandma wore her rainbow scarf
all day long


Grandpa wore his blue tie,
blue tie, blue tie.
Grandpa wore his blue tie
All day long.

Grandpa wore his green tie
green tie, green tie.
Grandpa wore his green tie
All day long.

Grandpa wore his red tie,
red tie, red tie.
Grandpa wore his red tie
All day long.

Grandpa wore his rainbow tie,
rainbow tie, rainbow tie.
Grandpa wore his rainbow tie
All day long.

The clip art files for these two songs are below:
grandpa's ties.pdf
grandma's scarves.pdf

While I plan to use them mainly for Grandparents' Day, I was also thinking of ways to use the scarves this winter. Since I've now made faces for three family members - Dad, Grandpa, and Grandma - I thought it would be fun to use the scarves with multiple people. Daddy wore the green scarf, Grandpa wore the blue scarf, etc. I also intentionally made the ties and scarves the same colors and patterns so I could use them as a matching game with my preschoolers on Monday.

This week's Flannel Friday round-up is  hosted by Mel's Desk. Past round-ups are linked at So Tomorrow. Happy weekend!
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