Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Baby/Toddler Story Time, 5/24

Story time continues to be displaced as our room is repainted. The meeting room is nice in terms of having space to run around in, but it will be nice to be back in our own little corner on the first floor next week.

Opening Song: Hello, How Are You?

Book: What Do Wheels Do All Day? by April Jones Prince, illustrated by Giles Laroche (2006)
This book shows us the many functions of wheels - from pedaling, racing, towing to whirring, whizzing, and spinning. My favorite page is the ferris wheel near the end of the book.

Song: The Wheels on the Bus

Song: Bumpin' Up and Down in My Little Red Wagon (adapted from Raffi's version)

Book (session 1): Stella, Princess of the Sky by Marie-Louise Gay (2004)
This book was a lot shorter in my memory than it was in actuality. It has some really cute brother/sister exchanges and philosophical comments from a child's perspective, but it would have been better suited to a preschool group. I didn't repeat it for the second session.  

Book (session 2): The House in the Night by Susan Marie Swanson, illustrated by Beth Krommes (2008)
A simple litany of things found in a house at night - a key, a light, a bed, and a book. I especially like the contrast between the blacks and grays of the night and the bright golden yellow of the moon and stars. This book has the perfect number of words for this age group. 

Song: Moon Moon Moon

Song: ABCD Medley
Book: Rain by Robert Kalan, illustrated by Donald Crews (1978)
We had some rain this morning, and I had already planned to sing Laurie Berkner's Boots song, so I thought it was a good opportunity to read a rain story as well. Donald Crews's illustrations are always very appealing for my toddlers, and today was no exception. The concrete poetry is also neat - I pointed out in the first session that the rain actually spells out the word rain, and in the second session, a little girl actually pointed it out for me! (She attended both sessions, but that was still pretty good.)

Song: Boots
This is our new favorite! The twos and threes especially love to stomp. 

Song: I'm a Little Teapot

Song: Monkeys on the Bed

Goodbye Song: Skinnamarink
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