Saturday, February 8, 2014

Connect with Story Time Secrets via Social Media

Now that I have consolidated my blogs, I have a bit more time to keep up with social media. Here's where you can find me.

On Facebook, I make daily updates to the Story Time Secrets page, which include story time songs and rhymes of the day, quotations from and about children's books, links to interesting library and literacy related articles, and story time outlines from my archives relating to upcoming holidays and events. I'm also starting to invite more comments and interactions from my followers.

On Twitter, I am @mrskatiefitz. I retweet interesting comments and links from authors, publishers, and librarians, and share my comments on things like the ALA Youth Media Awards, Cybils, and other major news in the kidlit world. I also talk a little bit about parenting my two-month-old.

On Pinterest, I have a visual archive of all my reviews and every story time I performed in 2013, along with story time activities (flannel boards, crafts, rhymes, etc.) sorted by theme. I also curate boards about babies, homeschooling (for future reference), and writing, and I pin to two boards for The Library Adventure: Library Adventure Contributors and For Librarians Only.

On Goodreads, I keep track of every book I read and give star ratings. I try to post comments there on books I don't have time to blog about, and I also provide links to reviews on this blog.

I'm also slowly getting used to using Sulia, Google+, and Tumblr, and you're welcome to follow me in any of those places as well!
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