Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Story Time Starter: Monkeys

Little Miss Muffet loves monkeys, so we read a lot of monkey books at our house. Bring a little monkey business into your own lives with these recommended monkey books, songs, and rhymes for story time.


Miss Katie's Recommended Books 

  • Monkey and Me by Emily Gravett
    A little girl and her monkey act like the different animals they go to see. Even if you don't have the book on hand, you can tell this story using flannel board pieces or simple movements for the kids to imitate. For an interactive experience, ask the kids to call out animals for "monkey and me" to visit.
  • Where's My Mom? by Julia Donaldson
    A monkey can't seem to find his mom, and the butterfly trying to help him has trouble following the clues that will eventually lead the monkey home. This book is laugh-out-loud funny for adults and kids, and though it's a bit long, it tends to keep the audience interested right up to the end.
  • Monkey See, Look At Me by Lorena Siminovich
    A monkey fancies himself to be an elephant, rabbit, bird, etc. simply because he can do their movements, but each time, his animal friends set him straight and remind him what a silly monkey he is. This is a bright and colorful book with a repetitive structure and a perfect preschool sense of humor. 


Other Possible Books 


  • Monkeys on the Bed
    When monkeys jump on the bed, they bump their heads and the doctor must be called. This can also be sung to several different tunes.
  • Five Little Monkeys Swinging in the Tree
    When they're not jumping on the bed, the pesky monkeys are teasing Mr. Alligator - until he goes snap! and gobbles them up. Recommended for preschool and kindergarten.
  • Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat
    In this version of the classic nursery rhyme, the pussy cat goes to the zoo where she meets a monkey.
  • Monkey, Monkey
    In this action rhyme, monkey turns around, dances on his toes, and more until finally it's time for  a nap.



  • I'm a Little Monkey
    This song is best sung with two monkey hand or stick puppets. In a pinch, hands can also double as monkeys.
  • Say Hello to the Animals
    Start with the monkey verse, then sing hello to other animals who live in the zoo or jungle.
  • Underneath the Monkey Tree
    Play monkey see, monkey do with this song, where kids follow your lead and do silly monkey movements. For added fun, pretend your parachute is a monkey tree and have the kids run underneath to act out their motions.
  • What Can a Monkey See from a Tree?
    In this song, name things and creatures that monkeys can see from the treetops. 
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