Thursday, July 31, 2014

Baby Story Time Planning Sheet

One of the most common Google searches that leads readers to my blog is a search for story time planning sheets. Up until now, I haven't had any to share, but after highlighting my best materials for baby story time over the past month, I thought it might be helpful to also provide an outline for planning a story time for babies.

The printable document linked below includes spaces to fill in each of the following: 

  • Hello Song
  • Opening Rhyme
  • Book #1
  • Song with Prop
  • Bounce/Tickle
  • Body Parts Song
  • Book #2
  • Song
  • Bounce/Tickle
  • Nursery Rhyme(s)
  • Body Parts Song
  • Closing Rhyme
  • Goodbye Song
  • Extra Songs/Rhymes

Download Baby Story Time Planning Sheet 

Browse outlines for all of my baby story times here. Read my lists of the best materials and activities for baby story time here.
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