Friday, June 22, 2012

Flannel Friday: The Man in the Moon

I'll be traveling to different branches within my system to do a moon story time during the month of July, and I'll be trying to incorporate the Dream Big - Read theme into the majority of my own story times as well, so I have created a silver moon out of felt, and collected some rhymes and songs to use with it.

First up is Mrs. Moon, a song I "wrote" based on my baby lap time favorite, Mr. Sun.

Oh, Mrs. Moon, Moon, Mrs. Silver Moon
Please shine down on me.
Oh, Mrs. Moon, Moon, Mrs. Silver Moon
Hiding behind a tree
These little children are asking you
To please come out so we can play with you.
Oh, Mrs. Moon, Moon, Mrs. Silver Moon,
Please shine down on me. 

Next is a song I remembered from my days working in nursery school. It's from a CD by Rick Charette called A Little Peace and Quiet. The name of the song is Mr. Man in the Moon. I don't want to violate copyright, so here's a link to the lyrics. (Scroll down; it's toward the bottom.) The tune is harder to find, but I think it would work just as well as a rhyme if you don't have the music. 

I also really like this little nursery rhyme, which I might use with shaker eggs at baby lap time, or with a stick puppet version of the moon. 

The man in the moon,
Looked out of the moon,
Looked out of the moon and said:
It's time for all children on the Earth,
To think about getting to bed!

Finally, here are two more rhymes from Preschool Express, both of which were written by Jean Warren:
Silver Moon
Down at the lake, late at night.
I saw a path of silver light.
I looked in the sky and what did I see?
A silver moon winking at me.

Man in the Moon
Man in the moon,
Man in the moon,
Shining in the night.
What a happy face you have,
Big, round and white.

Since my moon is gray/silver, this last one might not work for me right now, but I really like the way it rhymes, so I might make a white moon just so I can still use it.

Want to make your own moon? You might not need my help, since I kept it really simple, but what I did was trace the bottom of a round Chinese food container (the ones that look like this) onto a piece of gray felt. Then I cut it out and drew a face using permanent marker. My plan is to attach Velcro to a pair of old mittens so I can stick the puppet onto my hand if I need to; otherwise, it will just stick to the flannel board. Easy peasy.

(For a more complicated man in the moon puppet I didn't have the patience to try, visit this blog, entitled ...imagine childhood.)

This week's Flannel Friday host is Shawn at Read, Rhyme & Sing! For more information on Flannel Friday, visit the official website.
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