Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Read Around Town: The Dentist's Office

In my latest blog series, Read Around Town, I'm highlighting picture books that celebrate the people and places in a young child's immediate community. These would work well for preschool classes or homeschool groups taking tours of local businesses, or for any child interested in learning about his or her neighborhood. Today's post includes ten picture books about dentists and teeth.

The Tooth Book by Theo LeSieg
This Dr. Seuss title, which he wrote under a pseudonym, teaches which animals have teeth, and how we should take care of our own teeth.

Doctor De Soto by William Steig
Dr. De Soto, a mouse dentist, has a policy of not treating animals who might be dangerous to small rodents, but when a fox appears at his office, his kind heart can't bring himself to turn him away.

Never Take a Shark to the Dentist by Judi Barrett, illustrated by John Nickle
Sharks don't belong in the dentist's office, and there are lots of other animals who shouldn't go out in public, either.

The Dentist from the Black Lagoon by Mike Thaler, illustrated by Jared D. Lee
This story plays with some of the fears kids have about visiting the dentist, in the hopes of making the experience seem more positive and pleasant.

Little Rabbit’s Loose Tooth by Lucy Bate, illustrated by Diane Degroat
Little Rabbit is excited to lose her first tooth, but she worries that the tooth fairy might forget to come. (This was one of my favorite books as a kid. The illustrator is better known these days for the Gilbert and Friends series.)

Open Wide: Tooth School Inside by Laurie Keller
This creative picture book provides information about teeth and dental care by re-imagining the inside of a mouth as a school, where each tooth is a member of the class.

Brush Brush Brush by Alicia Padron
This singable board book is perfect for toddlers (12-24 mos.) who are just learning to brush their teeth, as it simplifies the concept and makes it seem appealing.

Throw Your Tooth on the Roof by Selby Beeler, illustrated by  G. Brian Karas
This picture book describes traditions associated with losing teeth from different countries around the world.

Curious George Visits the Dentist by Margret and H.A. Rey
After an accident with a piece of wax fruit, the man in the yellow hat takes George to the dentist to have his wiggly tooth checked out.

The Crocodile and the Dentist by Taro Gomi
In this story, the dentist, and the crocodile who visits him, are both terrified of each other.
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