Friday, March 20, 2015

5 Recommended Authors for Kids Who Love Byron Barton and Donald Crews

An adult services librarian friend who has a toddler asked me a while ago for reading suggestions for her son who loves Byron Barton and Donald Crews. Knowing how popular these authors are, I knew that the list I shared with her would probably be helpful to lots of parents with young children, so today I'm compiling it here.

Philemon Sturges

Sturges's collection of simple texts about things young kids love is illustrated with bold pictures by Shari Halpern. The illustrations are similar to Byron Barton's work, and the transportation themes, especially, will appeal to Crews fans.

Emma Garcia

Emma Garcia's onomatopoetic picture books explore cars, construction sites, and tools  through sound. The brightly colored illustrations are perfect for toddlers, and great for large-group story times.

Jonathan London

Jonathan London also tells transportation stories using silly sounds words. His books are slightly longer and more suitable for three- and four-year-olds. Denis Roche's illustrations are very similar to Byron Barton's pictures of vehicles in his books. 

Babs Bell

Babs Bell's transportation-themed books tell simple stories about waiting for a bridge to go down, and coping with a broken-down vehicle.

Jane Cabrera

Among Jane Cabrera's many books are these two adaptations of favorite children's songs about transportation. The Wheels on the Bus is the perfect complement to Byron Barton's My Bus and Row, Row, Row Your Boat pairs nicely with Donald Crews's Sail Away.

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