Thursday, May 24, 2012

6 YA Novels About Mental Health

Get Well SoonGet Well Soon
by Julie Halpern
To combat her depression, Anna's parents check her into a mental hospital, where she surprises herself by losing weight, making new friends, and even developing a crush on a boy.
Suicide NotesSuicide Notes
by Michael Thomas Ford
After trying to kill himself, Jeff wakes up in the psychiatric ward in complete denial that anything is wrong.
by Alex Sanchez
While on probation for fighting, Diego finds he needs his probation officer's help in finally facing his anger and getting it under control.
by Laurie Halse Anderson
After her best friend dies, Lia falls deeper and deeper into her anorexia.
Inside OutInside Out
by Terry Trueman
Zach, who has schizophrenia, gets caught up in an armed robbery and begins to worry as he misses his scheduled dose of medication. 
Every You, Every MeEvery You, Every Me 
by David Levithan
After Ariel, who herself has some mental issues, goes away, her best friend Evan nearly loses his mind obsessing over the loss.
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