Friday, January 8, 2016

Bout of Books Progress Day 4

Bout of Books

Day 4 was practically a read-a-thon unto itself! I read twice as many books as the day before. Here are the 8 titles that I finished yesterday:
I was really hoping to clear my entire backlog of ARCs this week, but I'm running out of steam. I also haven't written reviews for any of these books, and writing all of them seems like a daunting task already. I may need to take tonight's reading time and devote it to reviews instead, just so I don't fall too far behind and forget everything I've read. But I hope to have at least a couple of books read to report tomorrow! 

Hide & Seek Board Books

Even very young kids like to play hide and seek. Engage your little ones with these fun board books, all about looking and finding.

 Where is Baby’s... series by Karen Katz
Among Karen Katz's many board books for babies and toddlers are a set of lift-the-flap books where something belonging to a baby has gone missing, and he or she must look for it. Some of the books are seasonal, or associated with a specific celebration (Where is Baby's Birthday Cake?, Where is Baby's Pumpkin?, Where is Baby's Valentine?) while others are more generic (Where is Baby's Belly Button?, Where is Baby's Yummy Tummy?, Where is Baby's Mommy?).

Hide and Seek Harry series by Kenny Harrison
Harry is a hippopotamus who loves to play hide and seek, but he always chooses very obvious hiding places. Babies and toddlers love to point to Harry on every page, and they enjoy the brightly colored backgrounds of the different environments where Harry plays his game. There are currently four books in the Hide and Seek Harry series: At the Beach, Around the House, On the Farm, and At the Playground.

Peek-a-Who? by Nina Laden (ISBN: 9780811826020)
Peek-a-Zoo by Nina Laden (ISBN: 9781452111759)
Hidden in these books are various objects and animals - owl, cow, and train (Peek-a-Who?) and a tiger, and a panda (Peek-a-Zoo). Cut-outs reveal hints at what is to come after each page turn, and for added fun, every line of text ends with the "oo" sound. These books are perfect for busy toddlers with only seconds to spare for a story, and because they are so simple, they can easily become the first books a child memorizes and "reads" on his own.

Baby’s First Treasure Hunt by Roger Priddy (ISBN: 9780312515027)
This book provides a series of photographs of different objects arranged in a pattern. One thing on each page is slightly different from everything else, and a clue prompts the reader to find it. Reading this book with a caregiver makes a great first experience playing "I Spy."

Hide and Seek by Taro Gomi (ISBN: 9781452108407)
Amidst familiar animals are hidden everyday objects for young readers to find. This book is most appropriate for slightly older toddlers (two years old and up) and is probably most fun to enjoy in a grown-up's lap.

Hide and Snake by Keith Baker (ISBN: 9780152022297)
This board book is a scaled down version of the picture book of the same name. A snake winds his way in and out of each page, and the reader is asked to look for him. This is a great choice for pre-verbal kids who are able to point well, as they can engage with the book without needing to speak.
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