Thursday, October 6, 2011

Gettin' Crafty Post #2: Popsicle Stick Bookmarks

For an introduction to this new series of Gettin' Crafty posts, visit Post #1.

On the heels of the pencil topper craft, I decided to start an ongoing craft series. The only problem I had was that I didn't really have much supplies lying around. But I wanted to begin right away, so I took stock of what was in my craft supply closets, and realized quickly that I had a billion craft sticks and lots of little gems and things.

Here is what developed:

Popsicle Stick Bookmarks
I Googled a little bit to come up with ideas, but ultimately, I went my own way.

Here are the supplies I laid out:

Large plain craft sticks
The big ones that look like tongue depressors worked really well because little hands could easily grip them and there was lots of surface area for coloring and gluing. I have no idea where this came from. I inherited them from the last children's librarian.

Washable markers
Washable or not, my manager still wasn't pleased about the kids getting marker on the tables. More on what I should have done in a moment.

White glue
Also messy. Also not my manager's favorite. Keep reading for details.

Assorted gems, buttons, and ribbon
These were all leftovers I inherited from the previous librarian as well.

I made a simple example, gluing a ribbon to the top of the stick, then a button over top of it. Then I made a second example using just markers, so parents of younger kids could see the simpler possibilities, if they didn't want to glue.

In all, at least 10 kids participated in the craft, and they got really into it. So into it, in fact, that we are still finding glue on the tables. What I should have done - and what I will do in the future - is lay down a tablecloth over the surface of the table to keep it from getting sticky. I have also done that with our small round tables, since kids - and adults!!! - have been coloring indiscriminately on the tabletops.

This is a great craft to do for library card sign-up month, or children's book week. Kids like to use their creativity, and they love the idea of making something they can use. It's also nice because it can be adapted to almost any holiday or season. I'm already considering repeating this project for Halloween or Christmas, with different stickable items.

Next time: Family Finger Puppets!

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