Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Baby/Toddler Story Time, 7/19

Opening Song: Hello, how are you?

Book: Quiet LOUD by Leslie Patricelli (2003)
I made this book an interactive experience by asking everyone to put a finger to their lips and say "Shhh" after each quiet page. This evolved into many adults - and even some little ones - making sounds for the other, loud pages, which was a lot of fun. Next time, the only thing I might add is a follow-up with the flannel board - there are a couple of pages in the back of the book that list additional quiet and loud objects, and it would be fun to extend the book to a flannel board activity. This book will go on my list of story time greatest hits!

Song: Two Little Blackbirds (Soft & Loud Version)
I used this once before, back when I did a Loud and Soft theme (back in the days when I made myself try themes.) It's a good one to revisit now and then!

Book: I Look Like This by Nick Sharratt (1992)
This book shows  how a boy's feelings change depending on what happens to him. The turn of a flap in the center of each page zooms in on his face to show his happy, sad, scary, angry, and sleepy expressions. The kids really loved this, and anticipated each turn of the flap with eager excitement.

Song: If You're Happy and You Know It (a cappella)

Song: Shake My Sillies Out

Song: Head and Shoulders

Flannel Board Rhyme: Three Melting Popsicles
The kids love this one until the ending. I might need to rewrite that part. 

Song: One Little Finger
I finally found the CD I got this from!

Song: Clap Along With Me

Song: The Wheels on the Bus (Raffi version)

Song: ABCD Medley

Song: Itsy-Bitsy Spider (a cappella, sung twice)

Song: You Are My Sunshine (a cappella, with sun puppet, sung twice)

Song: Chickadee

Song: Skinnamarink
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