Wednesday, September 9, 2015

7+ Kids' Books Illustrated by Tuesday Mourning

Tuesday Mourning is a native of Colorado and a graduate of Brigham Young University. She is the illustrator of many book covers as well as a few picture books. Today's post highlights some of her work.

Jake Maddox Girl Sports Stories

These books published by Capstone tell sports stories starring female main characters. The titles in this series that Tuesday Mourning has illustrated include: 

Kylie Jean Series

Also published by Capstone, the Kylie Jean series by Marci Peschke follows a spunky young girl on her mission to become a beauty queen - and queen of lots of other things as well. (Starred links are to my reviews.) 

Maggie Brooklyn Mystery Series

Leslie Margolis is the author of these dog-themed mysteries starring amateur dogwalker Maggie Brooklyn. This series currently has three titles: 

Suddenly Supernatural Series 

This fantasy series by Elizabeth Cody Kimmel tells what happens to Kat, the daughter of a medium, when she discovers that she also has psychic powers. There are four books in the series: 

Stand-Alone Titles


  • The Two and Only Kelly Twins by Johanna Hurwitz
    Arlene and Ilene Kelly are identical twins, born just before and just after midnight on two consecutive June days. In this book, the girls take care of ferrets, fool new classmates into believing they're actually triplets, accidentally upset their neighbors during trick-or-treat and endure their first separation when one must spend the night in the hospital.
  • Ten Ways To Make My Sister Disappear by Norma Fox Mazer
    Sprig is jealous of her older sister Dakota, who seems to have everything Sprig wants and calls her a baby on top of it. When Sprig finds herself in a difficult situation, though, she realizes she might be able to count on her sister after all.
  • Eggs Over Evie by Alison Jackson
    In this middle grade novel, Evie, a young aspiring chef, strives to overcome her negative feelings about her parents' divorce and the relationships her mom and dad have started with new partners. 
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