Thursday, January 26, 2012

7 Tween & Teen Novels About Liars

My Fake Boyfriend is Better Than YoursMy Fake Boyfriend is Better Than Yours
by Kristina Springer
Tori's best friend Sienna returns from summer vacation with a new personality and tales of her new boyfriend. To compete, Tori invents a fake boyfriend of her own.
The Secret Identity of Devon Delaney (Devon Delaney, #1)The Secret Identity of Devon Delaney
by Lauren Barnholdt
Devon lies to a new friend over the summer, then gets stuck keeping the lie going when the friend moves to her school.
Liar, Liar: The Theory, Practice and Destructive Properties of Deception"Liar, Liar
by Gary Paulsen
Kevin Spencer is a very good liar, so he tells a lot of lies. Unfortunately, he doesn't always realize the consequences until it's too late.
Fake Me A MatchFake Me a Match
by Lauren Barnholdt
Avery's in charge of the class matchmaking project. What will happen if she meddles with the results?
Rumors (Summer Camp Secrets)Rumors
by Katy Grant
New camper Kayla's standoffish nature leads the other Middler girls to make up stories about who she really is.
Change of a Dress (Cinderella Cleaners, #1)Change of a Dress
by Maya Gold
Diana Donato takes advantage of her family's laundry business, "borrowing" a dress that doesn't belong to her and sneaking out against her parents' wishes.
by Justine Larbalestier
Micah lies about everything. This time, she claims, she's telling the truth about everything, but can we really believe her?


  1. I found you via the comment challenge, & love that you offered so many books to choose from. Wouldn't it be fun to gather these & hold a book group with the theme? I'll have to share this with the teachers I work with. Thanks!

    1. What a great book club idea! The last book is somewhat heavier in tone and subject matter, but all the others would complement each other so well, and would be perfect for middle school!

  2. Katie, I love these themed Thursday lists! So many great titles that I wouldn't otherwise have grouped together, but work so well to support your theme. Kudos.

  3. Ha, what a great theme... lying does show up in a lot of youth fiction, doesn't it? And so often, it's lying to create a new image of oneself. Sadly, I'm sure I did that now and then when I was in junior high. Did I learn nothing from fiction?? These liars always get their comeuppance. ;)


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