Friday, January 11, 2013

(Not a) Flannel Friday: New Puppets!

Several new puppets came into my possession as a result of generous Christmas presents from my husband and my mom. I'm not quite sure how I'll use them yet, but they're too cute not to share!


My husband bought me this adorable hedgehog hand puppet, which is made by Folkmanis. It's neat because I can move its head, arms and legs each using a different finger. I am not a great puppeteer, but I am practicing at making meaningful movements with the puppet, and I'm brainstorming ways to involve him in my weekly routines for Baby Lap Time and Toddler Time. At the very least, I can probably use him as my baby prop while I work on ways to use him as a puppet.

Animal Finger Puppets 

This set of animal finger puppets came from my mom. I'm excited about this set because it has a duck, an animal missing from every set of puppets my library itself owns. Since they're tiny, I'll need to save these for smaller groups, but I think it will be fun to try some new songs with a variety of animals. (My mom bought these on Amazon.)

Family Finger Puppets

These family finger puppets (also from Mom) will make a nice alternative to the clipart people I have used in some of my flannel boards. I'm sure there are plenty of ways to use them, but the ones that have come to mind so far are pretty basic - Where is Thumbkin using family members and a non-flannel version of  Who is Knocking at My Door? These will be fun to take with me on my visits to the rec. center where I typically don't have the flannel board. (My mom bought these on Amazon as well.)

This week's round-up is over at Storytime ABCs. For all things Flannel Friday, visit the official website.


  1. I have a fun guessing rhyme game for your animal puppets. I had to make up something when I was given some similar puppets. You can email me if you're interested. Lisa

  2. You could use the animal finger puppets with Anna's barn idea for Old MacDonald (here:

    And I LOVE hedgehogs!

    1. I love that idea, but I think only the duck and the dog are farm animals. My library has some farm hand puppets that would work with the barn, though...

    2. You could go absurd with the hippo, etc. OR you can do the ending as "Old MacDonald had a zoo" from my blog (

  3. Funny. I received puppets as holiday gifts this year, too. I also seem to be without a duck puppet, and that is our community mascot. This must be remedied soon.

  4. Funny, I also received puppets as gifts this year (hummingbird, butterfly, and owl).
    I need to remedy the lack of a duck in our library's collection. Our community mascot is a duck after all.

  5. The hedgehog will work with SRP? right? (this post concussion brain confusion is becoming comical) ~ jane

  6. We have the same hedgehog and he rolls like a ball. You can always use it with the big kids for something Alice in Wonderland. I have an inflatable flamingo that I use with ours.

  7. I just want to pat that hedgehog.

    I have no skills with puppets and storytelling, but seeing this cute variety makes me want to branch out and try!


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