Friday, December 21, 2012

Preschool Story Time, 12/21/12

At the last minute, I decided on a penguin theme for today, because there are so many penguin books. As it turned out, only seven kids in all came to the story time, only of whom was actually a preschooler, so that was kind of unusual, but because it was such a small calm group we were able to read five stories with no problem at all. This was my last story time of 2012 - we'll be on a break for two weeks, and I'll be back with lots of new programs in January!

Book: Penguins, Penguins Everywhere! by Bob Barner

Book: Tony Baloney by Pam Munoz Ryan, illustrated by Edwin Fotheringham
I had pretty good luck with this one this time around, though I suspected that the mom of one little girl thought Tony's behavior was negatively influencing her child. Oh well. I love Tony and his stuffed friend Dandelion.

Book: Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers
I love Oliver Jeffers, and this story is very sweet.

Song: Five Little Penguins Riding on a Sled (based on Monkeys on the Bed)

Book: Three Cheers for Tacky by Helen Lester, illustrated by Lynn Munsinger
This was a bit over the heads of the little ones, but I want to keep it in mind for Pre-K class visits in the new year because I think they would love it. Penguins in general would be a great theme to use with them.

Book: One Cool Friend by Tony Buzzeo
I have never been crazy about this book, and as I thought it might, it failed as a read-aloud. One boy had read it in school, and he loved, but the other kids seemed just about done by the end.

Song: These Are My Glasses

I use the same hello and goodbye songs at almost every session. Click here for the tunes and words. For descriptions of each of my story times, click here.

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