Friday, August 3, 2012

Flannel Friday: Colorful Kings

Lately, I've been doing story times with a color theme, mostly just as a way of organizing all my greatest hits into a coherent structure so that I can have a little variety as summer winds down. This morning, finding myself not fully satisfied by one of my green-themed rhymes, I decided to put a new twist an old favorite flannel board.

Thus, King Green was born.

King Green wears a green crown all the time.

When he's feeling fancy, he also wears a green tie

When he's feeling cold, he wears a green scarf.

When it rains, he carries a green umbrella and wears green boots.

When it snows, he wears green mittens.

When he needs some good luck, he wears a shamrock.

I attempted to sing about each of these items, to the tune of Mary Wore Her Red Dress. "The King wore his green crown..." etc. Unfortunately, I got nervous and forgot the ukulele chords, so it didn't work so well. However, the concept is good. It's a great way to use some of  those forgotten flannel pieces, and it can be adapted to any color. I plan to do a rainbow-themed story time in a couple of weeks, when I'm finished with individual colors, and when I do, I think King, Queen, or Princess Rainbow might make an appearance as well.

Today's Flannel Friday Round-Up is hosted by Liz at Putting Smiles on Faces.


  1. Hold the phone! You play the ukulele? Jealous! I have been thinking of learning...

    1. My husband is a former music teacher, so he's been teaching me. I got the ukulele in November, and have only been bringing it to story time since June. It's a lot of fun - and the kids are really drawn to it! Children's songs tend to use the same three or four chords, so if you can master just a few simple ones, you can actually play quite a few songs. I recommend trying it!

  2. I'm trying to learn the ukulele for storytime. It isn't going as well as I hoped, but I'm going to keep on trying.

  3. Could you share the chords for this song? I'm trying to unsuccessfully locate them. Thanks!


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