Friday, February 17, 2012

Flannel Friday Round Up, 2/17/12

Welcome to this week's
Flannel Friday Round-Up!

Listed below are all of the contributions I have received so far via Twitter, email, and Facebook. If you've tried to send me your post and it's not here, please comment to let me know, or try sending it again. If you're still working on your post - fear not! I can still make edits throughout this evening to accommodate last-minute additions.

On to the flannel boards...(Latest additions are at the top of the list.) 

CATE shows off her puppet, Gertie, and her bandaids at Storytiming. 

KARI ANN at My Storytime Life shares the sheep she made for her Mother Goose on the Loose program. 

MARY (@daisycakes) at Miss Mary Liberry shares a set of Feelings Faces including happy, sad, surprised, and confused. 

TRACEY (@tcy28) from 1234 More Storytimes has an adorable set of Valentine's Day finger puppets to use with 5 Little Valentines.

MADIGAN (@madiganreads) from Madigan Reads has a flannel board for When Animals Get Up in the Morning

JANE joins Flannel Friday for the first time, with a Flannel Friday inspired set of bandaids at Piper Loves the Library.

SHAWN at Read, Rhyme, Sing shares her version of Five in the Bed made with "a receiving blanket, a few straight pins, and some laminated bears." 

MOLLIE (@molliekay) at What Happens in Storytime shares two great ideas about hats - My Hat It Has Three Corners, and Milo's Hat.

SARAH (@sarah_e_hay) has adapted Leslie Patricelli's board book, Binky, into a flannel board story about a baby prince and his teddy bear over at Read It Again.

At Notes from the Story Room, LINDA (@LMeuse) shares a folktale called The Month Brothers, for which she has created a colorful and detailed cast of flannel characters. 

KATIE (@katietweetsya) of Storytime Katie has a great idea for integrating letter knowledge into story time - letter puzzles! 

KAY (@storytimefun) shares her ideas for a family story time all about penguins at Storytime ABC's.

At So Tomorrow, ANNE (@sotomorrow) provides us with a flannel board adaptation of a favorite childhood song, Alice the Camel. 

LUCY (@LucyMaudM) is celebrating lots of Winter rain with Five Little Raindrops at In the Children's Room.

Inspired by a past Flannel Friday post, ANGELA (@annavalley) presents her set of vehicles - suitable for learning about colors as well as transportation - over at Valley Storytime. 

LISA of Libraryland has flannelized Eric Carle's latest picture book, The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse in her first-ever Flannel Friday contribution. Welcome, Lisa! (And great job!) 

MELISSA shares a flannel board story entitled Grandmother’s Aprons: A Quilt Story at Tickle the Clouds.

At Fussy Hen at the Library, SUSANNE includes two flannel board ideas as part of a write-up about her Coyote and Cowboys story time. 

DANIELLE (@ABadCaseofBooks) at A Bad Case of Books has created a flannel version of Shigeo Watanabe's Where's My Daddy.

In a belated Valentine's Day post, KATIE (@recipe4reading) at Recipe for Reading  shares her interpretation of a rhyme I wrote with Seven Valentine's Day Kisses. 

MEGHAN (@librarymeghan) also has a last-minute holiday post for Groundhog Day at Busy Crafting Mommy, which includes 5 Little Groundhogs and a shadow matching set. 

NICOLE (@nikarella) gets ready for St. Patrick's Day with Five Green Shamrocks at Narrating Tales of Preschool Storytime.

Finally, I'm KATIE, and I'm also looking ahead to Spring story times with a set of birds and a rhyme from Highlights High Five magazine.

Are you a Flannel Friday fan? Connect with us on Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook. Also be sure to check out Mel's Desk, the blog of our Flannel Friday founder, MELISSA, as well as the hosting schedule and archive at ANNE's blog, So Tomorrow.


  1. Thank you, Katie!

    Awesome job on the Round-up!

  2. Hi, hi! I've been checking all day, but don't see my entry yet:

    So many great flannelboards so far! I feel inspired.

    1. I'm glad you told me. Some of the tweets with the #flannelfriday hashtag aren't showing up for me. I'm editing you in now - should be there in a couple of minutes!

  3. Hello! Please round up my sheep! Thanks, Kari Ann

  4. This was another great roundup. Thanks for putting it together.


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