Thursday, October 13, 2011

Gettin Crafty Post #3: Family Finger Puppets

For an introduction to this new series of Gettin' Crafty posts, visit Post #1.

Family Finger Puppets

The template for this activity came from's coloring pages section. It looks like this:

In addition to the coloring page, I also provided the following:

Glue Sticks
My manager has asked me to stop using white glue. 

 I made sure to put out extras of the colors that I thought kids would want as hair and skin colors.


I also made an example craft. I colored each of the people, cut out the puppets and glued the paper ring shut. The paper ring was way too long, so I trimmed it down until I felt the puppet would fit comfortably on my finger. Later, some of the preschool kids had trouble with that part, so I stepped in to show them how to trim it down, too.

This is the perfect rainy day craft. It's something you can always have on hand in the event of a large unexpected after school crowd, and it uses basic materials that every library is likely to have on hand. Many kids who visited the library on that day got really excited about this craft and spent a long time completing it.

Next time: Sticker Collages. 

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