Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Five Favorite Board Books to Read Aloud

Today's challenge for Bout of Books was Five Favorites. 

Everybody loves sharing favorites and now we're giving you free rein to do just that. Pick the topic of your choice and share your 5 favorite books that fit. Topics could be a favorite genre, a favorite trope, book boyfriends, or ANYTHING. There's no limit to where you can take this!

I have two small children with colds so I am very late in getting around to this, but since I read so many of them, I wanted to share five favorite board books that I enjoy reading to Little Miss Muffet (age 2.5) and Little Bo Peep (7 months). These are not my only favorites, just five of the many! 

  • My Lucky Little Dragon by Joyce Wan
    As someone who often calls her children affection names like "monkey" and "wombat," I enjoy the way this book uses animal names as pet names for young children. My kids have also both loved looking at themselves in the mirror on the last page of the book. I reviewed this book in 2014, and called it "an absolutely perfect book for baby story time." 
  • Peek-a-Who? by Nina Laden
    This book is so short and small that it is easy to dismiss, but it impresses me that so few words can be used in such a clever way. The rhymes still amuse me, even though I have read the book many, many times, and it's the perfect length for a little baby with a very short attention span.
  • Dig Dig Digging by Margaret Mayo
    We haven't looked at this book in a while, but it's a fun rhyming introduction to diggers and other types of vehicles, including fire trucks, garbage trucks, and even helicopters. I also discovered that most of the text can be sung to the tune of "Going to the Zoo" by Raffi, which makes it that much more fun to read!
  • Larry Loves Washington, DC!: A Larry Gets Lost Book by John Skewes
    Since we live not too far outside of DC, this book is a great way to introduce some of our local landmarks to our little ones. I really enjoy the vintage-style artwork, and my toddler enjoys asking me, "What is Larry doing? What is the boy doing?" as she turns the pages.
  • Lullaby and Kisses Sweet: Poems to Love with Your Baby edited by Lee Bennett Hopkins
    As evidenced by our recent poetry picnics, we are poetry lovers in my house. This book, a poetry collection in board book format especially for babies, was a gift for Little Bo Peep's first Christmas. The poems are very short, but each one captures an important emotion or milestone in the life of an infant. Some of the poems have only just recently become relevant to our lives, as the baby has begun to crawl and eat solid food, but others have been appropriate for her since birth. Poetry is a great way to sneak some reading into your baby's day, so this book is really ideal for the age group. 

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  1. Thank you for including "Lullaby" in your list! Those of us involved with it were so thrilled to be part of something so unique and special. (And we love "Peek-a-Who" at our house, as well!)


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