Thursday, February 19, 2015

Flannel Friday Round-Up for February 20, 2015

Happy Flannel Friday! We have a little bit of everything this week.

Three of us have birds on the brain!

Emily of Literary Hoots shares a treeful of noisy creatures who keep Owl from sleeping in her flannel board based on Pat Hutchin's picture book, Good-night Owl!  

Inspired by previous Flannel Friday posts by Sunflower Storytime and Falling Flannelboards, Rachel from Rachel's Reading Room made a set of bird houses for the magnet board which can be used to teach both colors and shapes.

Here at Story Time Secrets, I have flannelized a new-to-me Elizabeth Mitchell song, "The Little Bird".

Two of our resident Lisas have adapted favorite picture books.

Lisa from Libraryland has made a flannel board set based on Cookie's Week by Cindy Ward to be included in a literacy kit about days of the week, and Lisa from Thrive After Three shares her flannel set based on Douglas Florian's I Love My Hat, complete with a video demonstration.

We also have three contributions that can be used to teach various concepts.

At Storytime Extras, Jennifer presents a fruit-themed guessing game which can be used to discuss patterns, shapes, and same and different.

Melody from Storytime Bandit focuses on colors and sorting with Five Pairs of Dirty Socks.

Kathryn's contribution at Fun with Friends at Storytime also deals with colors, as she shares a story time about art, including a flannel board for Harold's Other Crayons (which was inspired by a post I made back in 2012!) 

Finally, Jane at Piper Loves the Library shares her thoughts on incorporating diversity into her use of story time props, along with some bonus tween programming ideas.

Thank you, everyone, for participating this week. I hope you will join the Flannel Friday fun again next week, when your host will be Nikki at Hey There Library.

For more information on Flannel Friday, check out the official website, Pinterest account, Facebook group and Twitter hashtag.


  1. I made a new story that's Pete the Cat-reminiscent : I Love My Hat

  2. Thanks for hosting! Here's my submission-

  3. Thanks for hosting this week! Here's my post about Art!


  5. Rachel's Reading Room

  6. I made a guessing game with slices of fruit.

  7. It was only a matter of time before I did something with owls...

  8. I think my grant proposal has made me preachy and sensitive!! This is" not a flannel" for Flannel Friday. It's books and props and stuff on Diversity. thanks for hosting. Freezing in CT ~ jane (and piper)


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