Thursday, July 24, 2014

Best of Baby Story Time: Bounces

After reviewing my baby story time plans, and attending a number of baby story times as a mom, I’ve pulled together my list of the best materials and activities I have found for this age group. Today, I'm sharing my list of the best bounces for baby story time.

Bounces are a key component of baby story time and one is that unique to this age group. I have a few favorites:
  • All the Little Babies
    Originally found at Baby Songs and Rhymes; lyrics tweaked slightly by me.
    This song to the tune of "Shortnin' Bread" involves bouncing, leaning, and hugging - the perfect way to promote cozy child/caregiver interaction. I have sung this song at almost every baby story time I've ever done, and almost always, every adult in the room sings along.
  • Bumpin’ Up and Down
    Original version can be heard here.
    I borrowed this song from Raffi and made it more baby-friendly. This is an especially fun bounce, because it also gives the babies the opportunity to practice a favorite skill - waving to their friends! I especially like to use this song for a colors theme, and for transportation-themed story times.
  • A Bouncing We Will Go
    From King County Library System's Tell Me a Story wiki.

    This is another adaptation of a children's favorite, "A-Hunting We Will Go." It starts with bouncing, then moves onto tickling and rocking. Almost any action your group likes to do can be added to the song as well.
  • Mother and Father and Uncle John
    Traditional nursery rhyme.
    This nursery rhyme is fun for slightly older babies because they giggle at the sensation of "falling off" a caregiver's lap. The best part of this rhyme is the way the rhythm suggests the galloping motion of a horse, so it's important to emphasize the rhythm as you bounce to the beat.
  • Old Joe
    Heard at story time; tune available here.
    This bounce is brand-new to me, but it has quickly become my daughter's favorite. I like to sing the song three times through - first at a slow walking pace, then at a medium trotting pace, and finally at a quick (but still gentle) galloping pace. Each time, I slow way down for the "whoa Joe" and tip my daughter all the way back until she laughs. This is a great alternative for audiences that don't click with Mother and Father and Uncle John and also a great one for farm animals, cowboys, transportation, and fast and slow themes.
A full archive of my baby story times is available here. This is the final post in my Best of Baby Story Time series. Click here to view the full set of posts.


  1. My favorite/fallbacks are Acka backa, soda cracker and I'll bounce you here. I've used All the little babies and will definitely try the rest.

  2. I always love a good bounce! I think it is my favorite part of baby/toddler ST! We do a variation of All the Little Babies, I also love This is the Way the Lady Rides (we added a circus clown! and do a big YEE-HAW! at the end) and 5 Little Frogs and also Jingle Bells (after all, it is describing a horse ride of sorts!) Can't wait to try Old Joe!


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