Thursday, October 18, 2012

Flannel Friday: Three Ice Cream Cones

I had no real plans for a Flannel Friday post this week until I realized the letter of the day for my next drop-in story time was "I", and I didn't have much material. I started searching Google for songs and rhymes to go along with popular "I" concepts, and before long, I discovered a suggestion at Preschool Express called "Flannelboard Sundaes." For some reason, I decided I preferred cones to sundaes, so I immediately started looking for clip art to make my ice cream cones. I didn't print it out right away, however, so when the color copier in the library went down, I was out of luck. I'm always intimidated by cutting things out of felt, but I really want to share this letter I song, so I decided to bring home a black and white template (printed on the still-functional black and white printer) and a few pieces of felt and try my hand at creating the pieces myself.

I still wish I could get the hang of cutting around curves on paper, let alone felt, so these don't look quite as ice cream-like as the template I used, but I'm definitely happy enough with them to use them at story time. I don't have a flannel board at home, so the background for these pictures is the carpet on the stairs at my house.

 One, two, three little scoops
Four, five, six little scoops
Seven, eight, nine little scoops
 On three ice cream cones!

Mollie is hosting Flannel Friday at What Happens in Storytime this week! For all things Flannel Friday, don't forget to visit the official website.

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  1. My Flannel Friday today is about ice cream too! Ha! :)


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