Thursday, April 5, 2012

Gettin' Crafty Post #17: Printable Faces

I haven't been doing many Gettin' Crafty posts lately, because all my crafts have been tied into my read-aloud programs. But occasionally, I still do a walk-in craft. This one was simple, but allowed a lot of creativity.

I. Supplies
*Printables came from

II. Prep
I made an example, and printed the handouts. That was it!

III. Process
The idea I had in mind was for the kids to use the faces as inspiration for creating their own characters. Most of them didn't seem interested in the white paper at all, though, and many just colored and cut the faces. The printables I used all had two pages of bodies to mix and match with the faces, but I thought it was pointless to just assemble those, so I left it open-ended. I don't think it was our most popular craft, but it was a good, easy idea, and I'll definitely use it again. I also want to make flannel board pieces out of the faces!

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