Friday, March 9, 2012

Flannel Friday: Seven Snazzy Aunties

Today's flannel board comes from a book called Stories and Fun for the Very Young: 25 Candlewick Favorites, which was published in 1998. The rhyme, which appears on pages 38 and 39 is entitled "Snazzy Aunties", and it's written and illustrated by one of my favorite story time authors Nick Sharratt.

The rhyme begins: 
When my / seven snazzy / aunties came / for the day,
 and then describes what each of the aunties wore for their special visit. 

I enlarged the illustrations on the copy machine, to make the following:

Auntie Sue (who wore blue)
Auntie Dots (who wore spots)
Auntie Etta (wearing a sweater)

Auntie Tracey (wearing something lacy)
Auntie Stella (with her umbrella)
Auntie Pat (with her flowery hat)

And Auntie Madge, who 
had a cap and a badge... because she was driving the bus.

And this, of course, is a perfect lead-in to the Wheels on the Bus. 

I've always based the flannel boards that I use on the seasons of the year, but that has become really boring in recent months and has often limited my repertoire to ten different versions of "five little whatever" rhymes. But I've realized there are many other possibilities, and that often breaking that "five little whatever" mold makes for a more successful story time. I plan to use this at my Baby/Toddler programs next week. 

Stories and Fun for the Very Young has also inspired two more flannel board sets - watch for future Flannel Friday posts about those. If you don't have access to this book, and would like the text for the Snazzy Aunties rhyme I mentioned, email me and I'll gladly send it along.

Linda at Notes from the Story Room is our host for this week's Flannel Friday! I can't wait for the round-up!


  1. I totally agree that these Aunties are very "snazzy" and colorful, too!

    I'm wondering if "Wheels on the Bus" could be rewritten to have each Auntie doing something silly...
    For some reason, they kind of remind me of the book Silly Sally. :-)

    1. I did think about trying a silly version of the Wheels on the Bus, but we sing it every week, and I've learned my groups get frustrated when I try to reinvent something they know very well. They did enjoy the rhyme at baby/toddler story time this morning - and it worked great as a lead-in to the song, even with just the usual lyrics.


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