Thursday, January 5, 2012

Gettin' Crafty Post #10: Masquerade Masks

For an introduction to this new series of Gettin' Crafty posts, visit Post #1.

I. Supplies 

Masquerade Mask templates   (from First Palette)



Large Craft Sticks


 Scraps basket
I use my basket - which looks almost identical to this one - for a whole host of things, including passing out shaker eggs at story time and carrying craft supplies to and from the closet. We don't have a garbage can that can be easily moved  to the craft area, so I ask the kids to use the basket for their little paper scraps instead, and dump it periodically throughout the afternoon.

II. Prep
The only thing I needed to do was print the templates and lay out the supplies.

III. Instructions
These are the instructions I printed up and placed at the craft station:

  1. Choose and color a mask.
  2. Cut out the mask.
  3. Glue craft stick to the mask.
  4. Hold mask up to face.
I put this craft out on a day when there was no school, and had to replenish all the masks around 4:00pm. Over 60 kids participated in this activity. It would work just as well for Mardi Gras as it does for Halloween.

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