Friday, January 13, 2012

Baby/Toddler Lap Time, 1/13/12

This was originally my story time, and it was nice to be back!

Opening song: Hello, how are you?

Book: Mama Cat Has Three Kittens by Denise Fleming (1998)
I didn't make it to page three before I had to shush everyone. I made them all shush with me, too. Twice. I had a headache this morning (still do, since yesterday), and I was having none of this chatty nonsense!

Rhyme: Wiggle Fingers
Someone gave me a huge pile of Highlights High Five magazines, and each issue has an action rhyme in it! I ripped them all out and saved them so now I have some variety when I need it.

Song: Ten Little Icicles 

Song with Stick Puppet: Penguin, Penguin 
I didn't sing this song as written in the sheet music, but instead sang the tune of Brown (or Gray) Squirrel

Song with Stick Puppets: Dancing Snowflakes 

Song: I'm a Little Teapot 
Again, the iPod had a mind of its own, and this time, it cut off the first verse, so the song was shortened. Oy.

Song: Shake My Sillies Out 
Everybody loves this song. Thankfully, the iPod didn't ruin it for us.

Song: There's a Little Wheel a-Turnin' In My Heart
We made it mostly unscathed through this song as well. It's a huge parent (and grandparent!) pleaser.

Book: Blue Chameleon by Emily Gravett (2010)
The iPod drama almost made me forget this book! But we read it. It wasn't much of a hit, even though Emily Gravett is usually such a good choice. Maybe I needed to explain what a chameleon is.  

Flannel Board Song: One Red Mitten
This song will appear in a future Flannel Friday, so I'll save my comments for then!

Song: ABCD Medley

Song: Chickadee 
The iPod tried to ruin this song, and I actually said, out loud, "Oh no, not during Chickadee, you don't." And we started over.

Goodbye Song: We Wave Goodbye Like This
This is definitely my loudest and most involved story time group, in terms of singing and participating. I was glad to see them, and will be just as happy to see them again next time!

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