Friday, December 2, 2011

Flannel Friday: Holiday Extravaganza: One Menorah Candle & Five Little Presents

Today is Flannel Friday's Holiday Extravaganza! 

I am doing two holiday story times in two weeks - one for babies and toddlers, and one for preschool through age 8. I'm dividing the programs equally between Christmas and Hanukkah, so my extravaganza post includes two flannel boards, both of which I wrote myself for this year's story times.


My Hanukkah rhyme is called One Menorah Candle, and it goes like this:

One menorah candle
burning oh so bright.
Now we'll add another one -
it's Hanukkah's second night!

(Repeat, counting up to eight candles.)

Eight menorah candles
burning oh so bright.
We're celebrating Hanukkah -
the festival of lights!

My flannel pieces are mostly ready - they just need Contact paper and Velcro - and when the rhyme is complete, they will look more or less like this:
(This rhyme could also be done using all your fingers, minus the thumbs.)


My Christmas idea has to do with the spirit of giving, and it's called Five Little Presents.

Five little presents underneath the tree
Five little presents  - could these all be for me?
I unwrap the red one to find out what's in there
I open up the box and it's a... TEDDY BEAR!

Four little presents underneath the tree
Four little presents - could these all be for me?
I unwrap the blue one  so I can take a look
I open up the box and it's a ... BRAND-NEW BOOK!

Three little presents underneath the tree
Three little presents  - could these all be for me?
I unwrap the green one. I can hardly wait!
I open up the box and  it's a... PAIR OF SKATES!

Two little presents underneath the tree
Two little presents - could these both be for me?
I unwrap the purple one. I wonder who it's from!
I open up the box and it's a... LITTLE DRUM!

One little present underneath the tree
One little present - but this one's not for me!
Let's unwrap the gold one - it's a note for all of you.
To wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year too!

The note doesn't show up in the photo very well, but it looks like this close up:

I'm really looking forward to my first holiday flannel boards. I was so new last year, I planned my holiday story times for Saturday at my boss's suggestion and learned the hard way that people don't come to Saturday programs here. (Attendance was literally zero.) So this will be my first time doing a holiday story time - can't wait! And I also can't wait to see what everyone else has come up with for today! I'll be at staff development day all day, but I'll so be checking the round-up when I get home!

The host of this week's Flannel Friday Extravaganza is Library Quine. Also check out Flannel Friday's boards on Pinterest, and the list of previous Flannel Friday round-ups at So Tomorrow.


  1. Wow! Two for the price of one - love them both!

  2. I love the idea of looking for things under the present! It's a great idea.


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