Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tales for Fours and Fives, 8/11

Only two more (possibly one more) Tales for Fours and Fives before summer comes to an end! While I enjoy being able to read longer and more complex books, there has never really been an audience for this age group, so I don't think there is a real need for it. Still, though, today's group was nice and small and we had a great time.

Opening Song: Hello, how are you?

Book: My Little Sister Hugged an Ape by Bill Grossman, illustrated by Kevin Hawkes (2004)
This is one of the best - and most hilarious - rhyming books I have ever read. Just perfect for this age - and especially for boys with little sisters!

Song: Shake My Sillies Out

Book: Bob by Tracey Campbell Pearson (2002)
A rooster learns to crow, but not before making a lot of other noises. The funniest moment in this entire book was when the owl says "Whooo? Whooo? Whooo?" and Bob whispers back, "Bob, Bob, Bob." That was the highlight for today's group!

Song: Monkeys on the Bed

Song: ABCD Medley

Book: Doodler Doodling by Rita Goldman Gelman, illustrated by Paul O. Zelinsky (2004)
Surprisingly, it was the babies and toddlers who loved this book, not the older kids.

Song: Wheels on the Bus (Raffi version)

Song: Chickadee

Song: Skinnamarink
If I was going to continue this story time in the future, I'd work on finding some new songs. They worked well for the younger siblings, but the older kids were annoyed by them. In fact, if I ever do story time for older kids like this again, I'd think about doing no songs at all outside of the hello and goodbye.

Do you sing songs with kids in this age group? What about with Pre-K and K class visits? Leave your thoughts and suggestions in comments!

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  1. I had the same experience! Usually I do a lot of finger plays, especially ones that can be repeated but faster.

    Joanie plays with one hammer is a good one.


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