Friday, July 1, 2011

Flannel Friday: Five Pretty Sandcastles

I am your host for this week's Flannel Friday! The round-up will go up sometime later today -but in the meantime, here is my contribution, Five Pretty Sandcastles. I wrote this rhyme myself, but I suspect there are similar ones out there on Google.

Five pretty sandcastles standing on the shore.

The tide came in (whoosh!)

And then there were four.

Four pretty sandcastles standing by the sea.

The tide came in (whoosh!)

And then there were three.

Three pretty sandcastles standing by the ocean blue
The tide came in (whoosh!)

And then there were two.

Two pretty sandcastles standing in the sun

The tide came in (whoosh!)

And then there was one.

One pretty sandcastle just out of reach

The  tide came in (whoosh!)

but it stayed there on the beach!

The twist at the end is the key to success with this one. No one expects it, and I usually get a lot of applause afterwards. I used this one earlier this week at Baby/Toddler Story Time.

The PDF file containing full sized versions of the sandcastles is here, and the image I used for my tide is here. I forgot to take a picture of my "tide on a stick" and I'm not at work today, but here's what the sandcastles look like on my flannel board.


  1. Awesome! So much potential for great movement w/ great sound effects. Y'know, I've never tried reading The Wave by Suzy Lee at storytime, but it's one of my favorite books in the whole world. And I wonder you did this FB 1st, it would be a good lead in, and then you could do a reader's theater where half the kids were "the wave" and the other half were the girl. it might erode into chaos, but what if it actually worked!! anyway, I'm definitely going to nab this one from you.

  2. That is an awesome idea! I have a huge baby/toddler group, so it might not work for them, but I also have a few older groups - up to Kindergarten - that would so love something like that. Thanks, Cate! (I love Suzy Lee, too.)


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