Friday, June 17, 2011

Flannel Friday: Sorting Activity - Around the Neighborhood

Well, better late than never! My Flannel Friday this week is a work in progress. I'm experimenting with new ideas for my fours and fives group, which I expect to grow a bit now that school is officially out. What I'm planning is a sorting activity, where the kids help me sort objects according to where in the neighborhood they would most likely be found.

The four neighborhood locations I'm working with are (hopefully) obviously different from one another, with few objects that would overlap. For this first try, I'm using the hair salon, the bakery, the post office, and the library. The images I'm using came from, but I used print screen to get just those four into their own document, which is here.

The objects I came up with all resulted from Google image searches. Here's what I have, sorted the "correct" way.

Hair Salon: scissors, blowdryer, comb, mirror
Post Office: letter, mailbox, package, stamp
Library: books, library card, group reading a story
Baker: flour, bread, baker's hat, mixer

The pdf containing all the objects is here.

I probably won't end up using this for another week or so, because I've already got things planned for next week's session, but I'll report back when I see how it holds up.

Our Flannel Friday host for this week is Mel's Desk - don't miss the  rest of the round-up!

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  1. I did a similar activity for a messy/clean themed storytime-- the kids sorted food into the fridge, toys into a toy box, and clothes into a closet-- and they had a blast. My groups were more 3s and 4s, so I think the 4s and 5s in your group will enjoy having more "complicated" subject matter to sort. Good luck!


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