Friday, June 10, 2011

Flannel Friday: Daddy's Ties

Father's Day is coming, and I have all my books picked out for next week's story times, but couldn't find a Dad-themed rhyme or song that I really liked. So I came up with my own, and made a flannel board set using clip art to go with it.

Daddy's Ties  
(sung to the tune of "Mary Wore Her Red Dress")

 Daddy wore his purple tie,
purple tie, purple tie.
Daddy wore his purple tie
All day long.

 Daddy wore his yellow tie,
yellow tie, yellow tie
Daddy wore his yellow tie 
All day long.

Daddy wore his blue tie,
blue tie, blue tie
Daddy wore his blue tie 
All day long.
Daddy wore his red tie,
red tie, red tie
Daddy wore his red tie 
All day long.

I think this is my best flannel board set so far - and it has a lot of possibilities! I just made simple, plain-colored ties because I didn't have the time or supplies to get fancy, but I think it would be fun to make polka-dotted ties, striped ties, plaid ties - even bow ties. It's also the kind of idea that can be extrapolated to other things. I'm already thinking of making a similar set for a grandma or grandpa and who wears many different-colored pairs of glasses.

The clip art I used for this is in a pdf file here. Ties were tricky to find on Google, and I had to recolor the ones I did find in Word. If you're a fan of actual felt, it might be easier to just use a template and make your own cloth ties.


  1. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I can't wait to do this one.

    Luckily we have a tie die cut. Thanks for the great father's day idea.

  2. OOOH. I really love the idea of different colored ties. And this would be a great addition to my family storytime in the fall; gotta get a mom part too though!

  3. Thanks for adding the clip art! I'm going to use it for this week's storytime!

  4. Thanks, everyone! Let me know how it works with your groups - I've had one hit and one miss here so far.

  5. this is great, just what I was looking for! Working on updating my Fathers storytime kit for checkout!

  6. Love this idea! I've made a set out of felt. Thanks for sharing!!

  7. Thanks so much for this great idea - love it!!

  8. What a great activity! Thanks so much :-)

  9. LOVE this! thanks for the clipart too!


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