Friday, May 27, 2011

Flannel Friday: Seven Continents on our Globe

This week's Flannel Friday is a work in progress. I'm slowly pulling together the songs and rhymes I will incorporate into my summer story times, and as much as possible, I'm trying to adhere to the One World, Many Stories theme.

This song, "Seven Continents on our Globe" was inspired by a similar song I saw on It's sung to the tune of "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands," but my lyrics are as follows:

We've got seven continents on our globe.
We've got seven continents on our globe.
We've got seven continents on our globe,
Seven continents on our globe.

[North America] is a continent on our globe
[North America] is a continent on our globe
[North America] is a continent on our globe
A continent on our globe. 

Repeat 6 more times - or just stick with one continent, if you're organizing a story time around that part of the world.

I haven't printed them up yet, but the clip art I plan to use when this is finally done is from, Here are the links:

North America
South America

There is also a map though I'm not sure I am going to use it. We'll see. I'll be doing this mainly for kids under 5, so I don't want to overwhelm them!

Don't forget to check out everyone else's Flannel Friday - our host this week is Reading Chick!


  1. You are far braver than I am. I'm doing a couple special storytime within the "One World, Many Stories" theme, but I'm not brave enough to try at weekly storytime.

    I really like this idea though, and will definitely keep it in mind for those special storytimes.

  2. Katie -

    I am going to try reading one book on the theme each week, and maybe singing one or two related songs. I don't generally do themed story times, so I can just kind of slip it in there each week. I'd like to do special story times, too, but we can't get people to show up for anything outside of the regular weekly schedule. So I have to at least try to get them relating to the theme during the week!

    But we'll see how brave I am when it actually starts. I might be too ambitious!

  3. Love it! I am doing a special 7 week storytime through June covering all 7 continents so this is perfect! What other ideas do you have? ;) I'm 'unpacking' a suitcase each week to give them clues of where we'll be traveling next. We leave home for our first destination of Antarctica so I'll 'unpack' a hat, boots, winter coat and a stuffed penguin. Should be lots of fun!

  4. iam doing a researsh on the world so this is very helpful!!


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