Friday, October 21, 2011

(Somewhat) Flannel Friday: Popsicle Stick Puppets

One of the things I like to include in my story times for babies and toddlers is simple singing with puppets. But there are only so many puppets a library can have, and I'm pretty picky about the songs I choose. So, how do I vary my repertoire? I make my own simple stick puppets.

Pictured here are two puppets I have use regularly at story times this Fall, and one I have yet to use. Each one consists of a popsicle stick with a little patch or two of Velcro stuck onto it. Then I can fasten pretty much any flannel board item I've made to the front of the stick for an instant puppet!

Here is a quick description of how I use each of the puppets pictured, as well as the words to their corresponding songs:

Brown Squirrel
When we sing Brown Squirrel, I hold up the squirrel puppet and when it comes to "swoosh your bushy tail," I move him back and forth like he's actually swishing his tail. I also point to the acorn when we sing "hold a nut between your toes."

Brown squirrel, brown squirrel
Swoosh your bushy tail
Brown squirrel, brown squirrel
Swoosh your bushy tail
Wrinkle up your funny nose
Hold a nut between your toes
Brown squirrel, brown squirrel
Swoosh your bushy tail!

I'm a Little Apple
I haven't done this song in a story time yet, but it's a great example of a song I would never sing at story time unless I had a prop. It's impossible to act out, and there are no real motions to it, but add a puppet and suddenly I feel free to sing these kinds of songs, without feeling like I'm performing on stage. The puppet makes the song less about me, and more about the interactive experience.

I'm a little apple, short and round,
I make a munchy, crunchy sound,
If you bite into me you will see -
I'm delicious as can be!

Mr. Pumpkin
I really want to rewrite the lyrics to this song, but this works for now. For this one, I just hold up the puppet and sway it back and forth. At baby lap time, I make sure to move it slowly around the circle so everyone gets a chance to see it.

Mr. Pumpkin, Mr. Pumpkin
Round and fat, round and fat
I’m gonna eat you! I’m gonna eat you!
Just like that. Just like that.

I've put Velcro on five popsicle sticks, so I always have a few on hand to mix and match. They're great for when I need just one more quick song and don't have time to pull together anything elaborate, and they'll work for any flannel set I have on hand, as long as the pieces have Velcro on them. I plan on making a penguin, a snowman, and a Santa Claus in the near future to use during the holidays and the Winter months.

This week's Flannel Friday host is Mollie.  See previous round-ups here at So Tomorrow, and check out the Flannel Friday Pinterest boards here.

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  1. these are 3 total gems! the i'm a little teapot tune never fails. I don't know why, but it's the one tune that never ever fails to get everyone (including some the more recalcitrant parents)


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