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Good Queen Bess: The Story of Elizabeth I of England by Diane Stanley and Peter Vennema (Picture Book Biographies from A to Z - Letter Q)

Good Queen Bess:
The Story of Elizabeth I of England
 by Diane Stanley and Peter Vennema
2001. HarperCollins.


Elizabeth I (1533-1603), known as Good Queen Bess, was Queen of England and Ireland from 1559 to 1603.


This book claims to tell how "Elizabeth acted with tolerance and moderation in religious matters." It explains how she came to power, and how she ruled, including her refusal to marry and her odd relationship with her cousin, Mary Queen of Scots.

About the Illustrations

The pictures in this book are done in the artistic style of the time period, with lots of detailed depictions of clothing. They are mainly useful in helping the reader keep track of the different key figures who played a role in Elizabeth's life.

Author's Note

The author's note appears at the beginning of this book, and sets the stage for the narrative to follow. It provides some basic information about the Protestant Reformation and the general nature of religious belief prior to Elizabeth's birth. A bibliography appears at the end of the book.

Additional Comments

Though this text downplays Elizabeth's anti-Catholicism, the language surrounding Catholics is generally pretty neutral. The Catholic church is described as it would have been seen through the eyes of Protestants, but I did not feel that the book painted the Church in an unfairly villainous light. Overall, I think I would feel comfortable using this book to teach my Catholic children about the Reformation, along with other resources from other perspectives.

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