Sunday, September 9, 2012

Caldecott Challenge Post #45

Gillespie and the Guards. by Benjamin Elkin, illustrated by James Daugherty. Published 1956. Caldecott Honor 1957. Viking Children's Books. ISBN: 9780670340835

This is among my favorite of the older Caldecott titles. I love the way the boy is able to outsmart the guards by smuggling things in right under their noses. I like the color palette used for the illustrations, though none especially stood out as favorites.

Yonie Wondernose. by Marguerite de Angeli. Published 1944. Caldecott Honor 1945. Doubleday. ISBN: 9780385075732 

This story about Yonie, who is very nosy, becomes very exciting when the barn catches on fire. I like that Yonie doesn’t overcome all his imperfections overnight, but that he is still able to become a hero and impress his father. I also enjoyed getting a glimpse into the Amish lifestyle.

Mister Penny's Race Horse by Marie Hall Ets. Published 1956. Caldecott Honor 1957. Publisher. ISBN: 9780670481422

I read this book at the Library of Congress and I didn’t have my laptop with me to take notes, so I can’t remember much of what I thought about it at this point. I do remember thinking it reminded me of Charlotte’s Web, and I loved the notion that the animals would be allowed to ride on the ferris wheel. That was definitely my favorite illustration - seeing the animals enjoying themselves on the ride.

The Wild Birthday Cake. by Lavinia Davis, illustrated by Hildegard Woodward. Published 1949. Caldecott Honor 1950. Doubleday. 

This story resonated with me because it sticks close to home and finds fun in the everyday. This is a long story, but it’s great for kids who are interested in nature and caring for animals. I also liked Johnny’s relationships with his older neighbors. The illustrations in this one are not my favorite, since they’re so old-fashioned, but the writing is much more descriptive than most contemporary picture books.

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